"What we think, we become."

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🐚🐳#mermaidlife🐳🐚 #mermaidmakeup by @eyecandycandice link in my bio to the song🐬

Anonymous asked:
Your a drug a high I really can't get over your voice is cocaine to ears/Got me checking for a woman as amazing as you, because your the one all other females came to fear/See you could make me leave the one I'm with like that Usher song/Probably have a man singing an off key love song so strong/



why do guys who date bigger girls think they deserve some kind of trophy, like non-skinny women are not charity cases and you didn’t help the needy

dezbuddhamusic asked:
At this point in time I tend to check ya tumblr when i get on here mostly cause I love the stuff you post. But also cause I can always play your amazing music from here

Thank you

Anonymous asked:
Have you ever been made love too with your music playing?

Nope…maybe one day it will happen. That would be such a trippy experience.

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